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Our Mission

To prepare our young people to support themselves in work and to thrive in life and beyond, using sport to improve physical and mental health and to teach important life skills that relate to each individual.

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Re-engaging our young people
Re-engaging our young people

Using sport and practical based activities as a tool to build confidence, battle mental health and improve physical well being is so important to each young person in the program.

The practical element of the program provides each and every young person with the opportunity to learn, grow and potentially lead in each session, preparing them for real-life situations.

Our expertise
Our expertise

Our team is made up of professionals and specialists in numerous areas and backgrounds. Everything we deliver is underpinned by strategies and resources encompassing positive behaviour support strategies.

All staff hold current DBS and undertake safeguarding, Prevent, FGM and First Aid training. CALM deescalation and positive handling training is provided to our staff along with trauma, challenging behaviour and SEN training

Individually catered program
Individually catered program

The Pathway progresses individuals through the 4 levels we offer:
Level 1- One to one mentoring/reengagement into sessions/trust and confidence building/life skills
Level 2- Small group mentoring/enhanced life skills/coping strategies
Level 3- Practical life skills/experiencing work trade’s
Level 4- Work experience/work placement/advanced life skills relating to work and life

Why Choose The Pathway

  • Pathways is an individually tailored program which focuses on the individuals' needs. We are not a “one size fits all” program. We understand each young person has different goals and aspirations and we want to help guide and enhance their skills in order for them to be successful.
  • We understand that success is measured in many different ways. Our targets for each of our young people are set in relation to what they need
  • We aim to guide our young people into the correct job but most importantly, the correct environment to keep them engaged and happy that allows them to thrive in life.
  • We provide interactive activities to help our young people gently step out of their comfort zone to grow
  • We give our young people different experience’s and provide activities for each person in their interested field or fields

Pupils we support

We work with many different organisations such as PRU’s, YOT, mainstream schools, Councils and more to ensure the Pathway AP is the correct program for the individual. The Pathway AP creates a bespoke program for every young person regardless of age, image, gender or educational background. We initially have referrals and evaluations for each young person. Everyone starts the program on Level 1, meaning 1 to 1 mentoring where we truly get to know the character of each person on our program whilst gaining a positive working relationship and gaining their trust.

Level 1 is what every young person starts with which is the 1 to 1 mentoring. From here our young people move up through the levels depending on their social skills, confidence but ultimately, when it is right for them. Level 2 is working ion small groups, such as experiencing a trade. Level 3 moves our young people out into real life situations and scenarios as well as on site provision. Level 4 is places our young people into traineeships with a view to on the job work experience and ultimately, a full time job!

Yes. We offer different packages depending on the needs of our young people. Please enquire for our packages.

Our mentors are highly qualified and have expertise in many different fields. After our initial evaluation we decide what mentor best suits the young person in order to make them feel comfortable and help them progress.

We offer traineeships to our 16 year olds and older but also support NCFE Functional Skills, NCFE English and Maths, NCFE T Levels and more, again depending on the individuals needs.