Equality Opportunity

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Equality Opportunity

Alt Prov is an equal opportunities organisation. The aim of our policy is to ensure that no individual, or group, receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religious beliefs, social class, disability or marital status.

All children and young people will have access to good quality, safe and affordable play opportunities with supervision in accordance with age and need. No child should be denied access because of discrimination.

All staff should value and respect the different religions, cultures, languages and abilities in our society, so valuing and respecting each child as an individual without stereotyping.

All children and young people should feel respected and valued and able to play freely from racial and other types of harassment or abuse from other children and young people or adults. Where children and young people express views or act to the detriment of others, these views and actions should be challenged in the appropriate manner according to the child’s age and level of development.